Our History

Parish Growth

1968 . . . . . . 100 families
1998 . . . . . . 700 families
2014 . . . . . . 900 Families

Through the Years

Remembering. Sharing. and Becoming! capital campaign carries on the legacy of the founders who established Holy Trinity nearly 50 years ago and built up the community over the years. Were it not for the generosity and hard work and strong will of many people, the buildings and parish life we cherish today would not exist.

1967 Greek Orthodox visionaries filed Articles of Incorporation to formalize the idea of having their own Church and community in Clearwater. Greek classes were offered for children and families and women of the community founded what would later become the Philoptochos Society. Functions were held at various locations, including the AHEPA Hellenic Center and a need for a church and social hall became imperative.
1968 James and Zoe Matheos, at the Fort Harrison Hotel, presented the Church with a gift of 4.5 acres of land upon which the proposed Greek Orthodox Church and groundbreaking ceremonies took place on December 1.
1969 Father John P. Athas was assigned as the first priest, Sunday School and Greek School were established, a choir and the first GOYA group was created, and the first liturgy was celebrated on Christmas Day.
1970 GOYA was formally chartered with a membership of 12 by Archbishop Iakovos and grew to 110 and was divided into junior and senior divisions.
1971 The Philoptochos and Matheos Family provided donations for the Icon of Theotokos with Christ-child, the Iconostasion, the interior Dome iconography, the Narthex Wall, the beautification of the grounds, parking lot lighting, drapery, kitchen and school furnishings and assistance to retire the mortgage.
1977 Archbishop Iakovos celebrated the official Thyranixia “opening” of Holy Trinity on January 3, 1971 and the Medal of St. Paul was awarded to the founders of the Church. Mr. Nicholas Papadi left his estate, in excess of $500,000, to the Church to assist with expansion of the parish.
1978 Father John Hondras was assigned to Holy Trinity.
1980 With the leadership of father Hondras, the Papadi Educational Center was built and included the school building with classrooms for instruction, a nursery, meeting and storage rooms and office for the Priest.
1981 General Assembly purchases additional acreage to adjoin the northeast section of the church property and additional pews are added to increase capacity for our growing congregation.
1988 Father Theologos Anastasakis is assigned to Holly Trinity. St. Constantine & Helen Chapel was created by Magdeline Gonates Milo and family to serve our children and other parishioners.
1991 Father James Rousakis is assigned as Priest and due to increased membership the Metropolis Assigned an Assistant Priest, Anthony Stratis. Significant renovations to Matheos Hall were completed along with the addition of the Vanech-Mihail Recreational Building.
1991-2001 During Father Rousakis tenure, the Holy Trinity Community established itself as a premier parish for innovative ideas, sustained growth and training newly ordained priests.
2012 Upon retirement of Father Rousakis, Father James T. Paris was appointed by His Eminence as our Proistamenos.
2013 A Master Plan committee is formed to assess the condition of the church campus, including more than 48,000 square feet of buildings, and identified needed infrastructure repairs and upgrades.
2014 The Parish Council decides to conduct a feasibility study to consider expansion of the church and improvement of the facilities to meet the growing needs of the Community in light of the findings of the Master Plan Committee. The culmination of those efforts was named “Remembering, Sharing, Becoming!” and evolved into plans for a capital campaign.
2015 The sanctuary has an unfortunate fire and Parish Council formally decided to pursue concepts and discussions from the Remembering, Sharing Becoming studies and discussions through a capital campaign to raise $6 million to renovate, improve and rebuild facilities and increase ministries for future growth.
2016 General Assembly approves a conceptual plan and budget for $6 Million for Church construction, Matheos Hall, Papadi Building renovations, Colonnades & Pavers and miscellaneous upgrades after 60% of the goal was met during the quiet phase through donor pledges, a fire insurance settlement and the approval of reserved funds for improvements to the Church, Iconostasi and memorial gifts.