Our Vision

For nearly 50 years God has faithfully provided a home away from home, a place where we gather not only to worship in the rich traditions of the Orthodox Christian Faith, but also a place to raise our children in the Greek culture and share our heritage with each other and our community.

In 1967 a small group of Greek Orthodox visionaries laid the cornerstones of our foundation, and brick upon brick, they built our future. Holy Trinity was born through faith, sacrifice, hard work and determination. For many years, the parish has continued to grow and thrive in the heart of Clearwater. We are forever indebted to our forefathers who had the bold vision to imagine our spiritual home going beyond a church and office space.

Now it is our turn! What will we imagine? What will future generations of Holy Trinity find in the next 100 years? How will we contribute to our past generation’s efforts? Our church has served us well, but the structure is tired, broken and in dire need of significant repair and renovation due to a fire that took place this year. While no one was injured, there is extensive smoke and water damage throughout the building. There was fire damage to a number of wall icons, the pulpit and stained glass windows. Physically and spatially, the church structure can no longer provide for the demands of a growing parish, nor can the existing facilities adequately support our many services and programs and those needed for an aging population and to connect with our youth.

Our campus should be a avenue for generating resources that can sustain the church and the needs of the parish. Structures which continuously require repair drain the resources so desperately needed to grow the fellowship experience, expand adult and youth ministries, increase community outreach and improve operations.

We envision a day when we will have a campus that meets the growing needs of our Parish and the center of life for our community. We envision development part of a process to discern the type of church God wants us to build for our Holy Trinity community. We envision the great sense of achievement when we take a step of faith as a community and realize what God can do through us when we work together.


Five Year Capital Appeal

After a thorough review of our campus, it is apparent that our buildings, constructed between 1969 and 1975, suffer from extreme exposure to the elements. Most of the mechanical systems are long past their anticipated life-span. Several of the buildings are compromised due to wear and tear, requiring roof replacement, masonry repair, insulation and waterproofing of the exterior, along with the damage from the recent fire. We must protect and preserve our church home to carry on the legacy of Holy Trinity.

Our entire campus is vitally important as a ministry tool that enables us to carry on our ministries and express God’s love in our community. A team of parishioners, led by architects, builders and professionals, has identified a long list of interior and exterior repairs with approximate costs. Modernizing the facility will allow the incorporation of construction and technological advancements that meet today’s energy and safety standards which will result in a building that will last for future generations. Our goal is to complete all projects by the end of 2019.

This project will enable our community to renovate our current Church that was damaged in a fire, while at the same time, allowing us to expand to meet the needs of our growing parish. The plans call for an additional 8,492 square feet from our current footprint and increase our seating capacity from 400 to 620 people with the addition of a mezzanine level. The structure will emphasize the traditional Orthodox Byzantine style with arches and domes. Our architect has worked to preserve and respect our Church foundation as much as possible by building over the existing structure. Other additions or areas designated for renovation are the following:

  • ADA compliant spaces that include restrooms and senior-friendly platforms in front of Iconostasis.
  • An energy efficient design that includes a high efficiency HVAC system, hurricane impact thermal windows, LED lighting, and back-up generator.
  • An expanded Exo and Eso Narthex and covered porte-cochere drop-off.
  • Improved acoustics with a hearing loop induction system for parishioners using hearing aids.
  • New additions that include a dual purpose brides/family room, choir rehearsal and stage, adult baptistery, bell tower and a shrine that will reflect our community’s past by maintaining the original altar.
  • New icon mural themes on designated walls and marble Iconostasis utilizing existing mosaic panels.